May 06 2013

Critics: #Beautiful The Song of Summer 2013

Mariah's new single #Beautiful featuring Miguel was released this morning and is already getting some rave reviews and being declared as the first real contender for 2013's Song of the Summer!

MTV: "#Beautiful seamlessly combines her signature vocals with Miguel's groovy, sexy R&B style. It kicks off with a sultry guitar riff and some tambourine and from there it sears, with a beat that sounds like it was lifted off a Motown track." 

LA Times: "“#Beautiful” just may be said jam of the summer. “#Beautiful” is as close to a perfect pop song as has been released in 2013. Produced by Miguel and Carey, the track is gritty and vital, filled with a crawling, dirty bass line, a seductive, immediately embeddable guitar melody and just enough tambourine to get the engine running. "

USA Today: "It's that Stax/Motown throwback sound that makes #Beautiful such a winner. It's a return to form for Carey, but in a completely unexpected way."

Slate: "With the release today of “#Beautiful,” though, a breezy duet sung with Miguel, Carey has finally given her fans something to savor—and a tune that could be one of the big hits of summer."

Pop Crush: "The vocals, melodies and harmonies shine, as well they should, seeing as one of the best singers to ever live and one of the best singers in the current game are teaming up."

Vulture: ""#Beautiful," your newest Song of Summer contender and the reason your aunt will be calling in three weeks to ask about hashtags. "

Idolator: "Mariah’s vocals are on point; It’s just completely beautiful — pun intended, obviously, but also that just seems like the right word to use, doesn’t it? There’s a little throwback flavor but in a repurposed way that feels completely modern, as a twangy guitar loop and a kicking backbeat provide a frame for their layered tones: Somewhat surprisingly, Miguel takes the lead on the front end of the song, while Mariah’s voice is sweet, then powerful."

92.3 Now: "Mariah Carey and Miguel lift their voices in praise with “#Beautiful,” Mariah’s enchanting new single that is unlike any track you’ve ever heard from the queen of the Lambs. Mariah pushes the limits with her trademark vocal accents that comes to a climax on the final chorus, where she and Miguel layer their vocals atop one another’s to create an effect that is at once delicate and powerful."

Spin: "#Beautiful has a verse-chorus fluidity and breezy hook that should push it up the pop charts "#Beautiful" is what summer is made of." "The lesson of "#Beautiful" is to never ever count Mariah Carey out. When Mariah Carey fully arrives vocally, a minute and a half into the song, it sounds like the arrival of pop music royalty. Her effortless delivery is punctuated by a moment of that magnificent high register along with the line, "Oh how you thrill me." The warmth and intimacy of "#Beautiful" will make you want to hear it again and again. This is the best Mariah Carey record in years. Look for R&B hit status to be assured, and a run for Mariah Carey's 19th #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit is not out of the question. Meanwhile, settle in and listen to one of the best singles of the year. This recording is indeed "#Beautiful." "

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