Jul 24 2013

Mariah Leaves Old School Voice Message To Fans!

MC: Hi lambs! Yeah, so I'm leaving you quite the nostalgic old school voice mail message for 7/23. I really did want today to be a #Beautiful day but unfortunately I'm just in a lot of pain and I'm here with my physical therapist right now.. say hi Samantha!

Samantha: "Hi everybody!"

MC: She's a little shy, not used to my antics yet! Will you tell them a little bit about what's going on, just from your point of view?

Samantha: When I started working with MC about two weeks ago, I was actually really surprised that she had even done the Central Park show because of how serious these injuries are. I was amazed that she actually went on stage. If people could actually see it, they'd understand the severity of what's going on. Despite that, she's been recovering nicely and we're focusing on helping her recover as quickly as possible. But if any of you know what an injury is, it's a long road to recovery. We're dealing right now with a dislocated shoulder, fractured rib, nerve injury...

MC: I've never broken a bone before in my life.

Samantha: But MC's a navy seal, like I told her, she's a navy seal and she's really good at smiling through the pain.

MC: That's my new a.k.a., I'm a navy seal [laughs].

Samantha: Like anyone else, it's gonna take some time to heal but she's strong and she will be back. She will be back!

MC: I'm a litle impatient but they're helping me a lot.

Samantha: You're doing great but the healing takes some time.

MC: So lambs, just give me a little bit time. But regardless, last night I was in the studio for like five hours, quite naturally, and I'm just doing the finishing touches for the album, and we also finished editing the #Beautiful remix video with Jeezy, lil' excited about that! I'm also gonna share the #Beautiful recording from Central Park with you, we filmed it. And in addition to all this, I resang new vocals for a hot new dance remix that is coming your way very very soon, and I wanted to play a little snippet, which is for laughs, very old school moments, here we go!

Anyway, it sounds like we're having a party, but we're definitely not having a party. One thing I'll tell you is I'm working on this album and I'm getting this thing done, and this is two years in the making of what I've been through emotionally and in every other way. So if anything, everything happens for a reason and here we are. And I'm in a really beautiful place, near the ocean where I can relax, heal, sing, finish up these little moments and get them to you as soon as possible. So I hope this was a little bit of a decent surprise but at least you got some information and a little taste of this remix and I wish I could play you some of the album but that's coming very soon, date to be announced real soon. I love you guys so much and I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. I just have to give you all my love and appreciation. Love you much, buh-bye!!!

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