Feb 12 2014

Mariah Talks to Radio about "You're Mine (Eternal)"

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Tonight (February 12) sees the first of two video premieres for Mariah Carey’s brand new single “You’re Mine (Eternal).” The romantic song, along with the candy heart visuals, marks her first attempt to own Valentine’s Day, just as she’s co-opted Christmas with her massive hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Carey is one of those artists who goes full tilt, balls to the wall, all the money in the can with her music videos. And “You’re Mine” is no exception. This time though Carey’s got skin in the game — she created the concept around the video and brought Indrani to direct — but the way Carey explains it, she’s more of a co-creator.

“I would say it was a directorial collaborative effort. Yeah,” Carey pauses. “It was interesting. We went to the rainforest and that was interesting. Part of the reason was, first of all I love Puerto Rico. One of my favorite places ever and I did my one of my favorite videos, ‘Honey,’ in Puerto Rico at the El Conquistador hotel.”

This video around, Carey and crew went to the nearby El Yungue National Rain Forest to shoot and ended up with the look of a Mariah-shaped mermaid on the Puerto Rican oceanfront, covered in gold glitter and swathed in etherial gold cloth. It’s the Mariah that everyone wants to see: a beautiful, brilliantly lit diva.

“I was involved every step of the way,” Carey says. “I’m still not 100% like, ‘It’s perfect!’ But I went to the rainforest, I got to go to Puerto Rico, I sang the new songs and I like a lot of the shots in the video a lot. There was a moment where I had to do an additional water sequence with no director, just myself and a camera man on an underwater camera. I was looking at the take at 5 in morning,  [the crew were] ready to kill me. But if we didn’t have those shots there wouldn’t be anything to cut away to, except me.”

And she’s right: without her intelligent insight and insistence, the video would have been a lot of gold Mariah on a rock. The water shots instead add a new element.

Watch the video here and brace yourself for a second premiere on BET later this week of the remix with a little help from her friends.

“We had  another moment where, for the remix, Trey Songz is prominently featured,” Carey said. “That is ready to be coming — now. It’s exciting.”

Mariah’s new album drops on May 6.


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