Mar 13 2014

Mariah's Perfect Song of The Moment

Songza plays you the perfect music at the right moment; here, we ask interesting people about the perfect song for a moment in their life. Today we interview singer-songwriter, producer, and pop icon Mariah Carey.
Songza: What song should we play for you when you’re renewing your vows with Nick [Cannon]?
Mariah Carey: I’m pretty much my own DJ when it comes to playing music during important events in my life. I have playlists for just about everything — including the moment I gave birth to DemBabies! They came out to the live version of “Fantasy” at Madison Square Garden, specifically to the part where the audience was giving them applause — for me it was [applause for] them, not me — and so much love. This year when Nick and I renew our vows, the perfect song to be played will be “You’re Mine (Eternal).”
Why is “You’re Mine (Eternal)” perfect for renewing vows?
Obviously “You’re Mine (Eternal)” sounds like the perfect love song for someone to renew their vows to and we can treat it that way but as a songwriter, I always feel it’s important, while being true to the emotional core of the song, for people to be able to relate it to their experience, whatever experience they’re going through in their lives, whether it’s love lost or found.
What’s a song that you’re in love with right now? It can be a new find or an old favorite.
Honestly, when I’m recording new music, I try not to listen to any other music but mine. So I will have to say that the song I’m in love with right now is a song called “Thirsty” from my upcoming album which I worked on with Hit-Boy. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it when the album is out May 6!
At what moment in your life would your personal DJ play that song? Why?
I can’t answer this question without giving away too much about the song! Let’s just say this song can be played during several different moments or better yet, for several types of people! I think there are going to be several lyrical moments that people will cling to.
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- March 25, 2014
I m so in love with her new song "You re
I'm so in love with her new
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