May 26 2014

Fans Sing "You're Mine (Eternal)" with Mariah

Mariah and Fusic held a contest on Mariah's Facebook page, asking fans to submit themselves singing along to "You're Mine (Eternal)." The contest winner received an iPad and several runner-ups won iTunes gift certificates! Team Mariah and Fusic compiled the ultimate mesh-up video of the fans singing "You're Mine (Eternal)" with Mariah!

Mariah becomes the latest global superstar in a list of popular musicians to utilize the brand new Fusic video platform to interact and communicate with her fan base. Fusic is a new technology enabling "selfie"/music video synchronization that is taking the music industry by storm. Carey partnered with Fusic, to run a fan singing/lip-sync "selfie" contest for her single, "You're Mine (Eternal)." The outpouring of support for the initiative motivated Mariah Carey to create her own Fusic video – using clips from submitted fan videos blended with her original hit, which debuted on her YouTube channel, May 26.

Mariah Carey launched the contest on March 11, inviting her fan base of "lambs" to use the Fusic platform to create their own versions of her single, "You're Mine (Eternal)." More than 100 Fusic videos were submitted within the first day, with hundreds of videos submitted during the contest's run and spread throughout all social channels creating an amazing viral impact. Overwhelmed by the love and support, Mariah Carey blended the Fusic videos together with clips from her original rendition, to create the final tribute. Mariah's critically-acclaimed new album, Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse is available May 27th on Def Jam Recordings.

"We are honored that an icon like Mariah Carey chose to connect with her fans through Fusic," said Fusic CEO Liat Sade-Sternberg. "With Mariah Carey's support, Fusic has become the hottest trend in fan interaction and we've only just begun."

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