May 26 2014

Mariah Holds Twitter Q&A For New Album

On Friday, May 23, iTunes held a Q&A with Mariah on Twitter where fans got to ask MC questions about the new album. Read Mariah's answers below!

Mariah:@iTunes thank you for having me! Looking forward to answering questions about #MeIamMariah #AskMariah

iTunes:How would you describe your new album, #MeIAmMariah? #AskMariah
Mariah: @iTunes obviously difficult to answer in 140 characters but... it is a body of work that is the outcome of the journey I've been through in the past 3 years personally and musically. #AskMariah

iTunes: How did you get the name "The Elusive Chanteuse"? #AskMariah
Mariah: @iTunes A friend of mine told me he liked" the elusive chanteuse" While I was trying to decide...  He said " because you can't be held down".. I thought that was another way to look at it... & that was part of the reason I chose to go with my little "Me I am Mariah" plus the new moniker #AskMariah

iTunes: The beat on "Dedicated" is really interesting. How did that track come together? #AskMariah
Mariah: @iTunes I worked on "Dedicated" w Hitboy&James Fauntleroy. It came from a place of nostalgia& wanting 2 pay homage 2 ol skool Hip-Hop & R&B

iTunes: What song are you most looking forward to sharing with your fans? #AskMariah
Mariah: @iTunes The message I've been trying to give to the fans is for everyone to hear the album in its entirety as a new body of work,  that's why it's so hard to pick favorites. I love Camouflage for my own personal reasons, I also love Money ($*/...), I love Dedicated, Thirsty, Heavenly, but it's just really hard especially with this album to choose a favorite. #AskMariah

iTunes: You've worked with hip-hop greats throughout your career. How was it working with @Nas, @Wale, and @myfabolouslife? #AskMariah
Mariah :
@iTunes I've had #1 records with both @Nas & @myfabolouslife. It was incredible to be able to work with them both again #fam #respect.  I loved working with @Wale for the first time & I'm so happy people are responding to our song together #YouDontKnowWTD #AskMariah

iTunes: If you could sing a duet with any artist, past or present, who would it be? #AskMariah
@iTunes I've been blessed to work with the greatest in the business in almost every genre from Hip-Hop to classical. I love when the collaborations happen organically and the ones on this album are some of my favorites, ever. #AskMariah

iTunes: "What was the reaction of #dembabies when they heard their song in the album?" — @sarimjavaid #AskMariah
Mariah: @iTunes @sarimjavaid THEY LOVE IT! They know they inspired the song and they sing along. They call it "beat go!" #Supernatural #AskMariah

iTunes: "I wonder what's the significance of the heart beat at the end of One More Try?" — @theofficialJLM #AskMariah
Mariah: .@iTunes @theofficialJLM This is why I want people to listen to the album in its entirety. It represents something deeper than just the sound of a heartbeat. I want to let the fans interpret it in their own way. #L4L #AskMariah

iTunes: "Is there a specific song about Nick on the album?" — @VictoriaVGA #AskMariah #MeIAmMariah
@iTunes @VictoriaVGA dahhling! I always keep the inspirations behind my songs vague so that everyone can interpret it differently & apply to their own lives #CauseIComeHomeToYou  #AskMariah

KYLE ‏@IMQuiteKyle: @iTunes #AskMariah have you told Monroe "Not to play with those players who play you until there's no more game left to be played"? #L4L
@IMQuiteKyle @iTunes LOL she listens to all the lyrics, obviously we play the clean version at home #AskMariah

Giblet ‏@VegasGiblet: @iTunes @MariahCarey The level of anticipation for this album/era of your career is overflowing. Can we expect a tour? #AskMariah
@VegasGiblet @iTunes Thank you! It's so rewarding because I put so much into this album. Yes, I cannot wait to tour! #AskMariah

Sandro Nadir Kissayi ‏@noble_nadir: @iTunes What's the first and the last song called you recorded for #MeIamMariah? #AskMariah
 .@noble_nadir @iTunes "Make It Look Good" was actually the first and last. Wrote it when we started the process and later on, we were blessed with a harmonica solo by my musical hero, the incomparable Stevie Wonder #AskMariah

NungNon Thitikorn ‏@NungNon @iTunes @MariahCarey did you forget to include the lyrics on the album? #AskMariah LYSM!!
Mariah: @NungNon @iTunes No I did not! I must say that I didn't want to be rushed to meet a deadline when the way I like to include my lyrics for the fans is very specific and I will often select specific adlibs that may not be easy to hear but are very important to me. I will release the lyrics when I can do them the way I want to do them. #AskMariah

Me. I am Emma... ‏@LittleEmm_Lamb: @MariahCarey @iTunes what would you say was your biggest challenge in the process of making this album? #AskMariah
Mariah: @LittleEmm_Lamb @iTunes I dislocated my shoulder & broke my rib during the process of trying to finish this album I didn't want to turn it into a woe is me pity party. I'm still recovering now I'm getting physical therapy as I type this (thanks Nicole!) #AskMariah

ANDREA ‏@andrea_st: @MariahCarey #AskMariah did you ever cry during the recording session? I love Camouflage very much.this is the best Album! kisses from Italy
@andrea_st Ciao! Yes, I did. I went through several very emotional moments specifically towards the end of the process. #AskMariah

Me. I Am Tini... ‏@MatiTaylorL4L: @iTunes @MariahCarey #askmariah How do you feel about the raving reviews about the album already? I LOVE it, btw!
Mariah: @MatiTaylorL4L @iTunes I put my everything in making this album, so I'm humbled & full of gratitude #AskMariah

Mariah: Cheers to all my fans,I'm elated to celebrate & share this moment w/ you. "You'll always be a part of me, I'm part of you indefinitely" #L4L


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