Jun 17 2014

Me. I Am Mariah... on Fuse's Top Albums of 2014

Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse is featured in Fuse's Top 25 albums of 2014 thus far:

Stand Out Tracks: "Faded," "Dedicated" ft. Nas, "#Beautiful" ft. Miguel, "Make It Look Good," "Camouflage" 

Why It's Great: Mariah Carey may have rose to fame singing pop ballads and is still a "pop star" nearly three decades into her career, but let's be clear: Mariah's been making R&B albums since her '97 classic Butterfly. Her sales may have declined in recent years yet she refuses to trendhop, for example Top 40's recent preoccupation with dance music. For fans, Me. I Am Mariah is a near-perfect mix of classic Mariah ballads and modern R&B jams she nails, courtesy of producers like Mike WiLL Made It and Hit-Boy. Forget charts and numbers – if there’s one thing Mariah does extremely well, it's give her Lambs exactly what they want.

Fun Fact: The final song on the standard edition of the album is gospel track "Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now)" is a dedication to iconic gospel musician Reverend James Cleveland, who died in 1991. Mariah even samples one of his sermons on the track.  -Mark Sundstrom

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