Jul 21 2014

Welcome to the new MariahCarey.com!


"Hi lambs, welcome to the brand new mariahcarey.com. Stay tuned as we continue adding more sections and pow moments to the site. We're also gonna be coming up with some festive contests for the lambily!

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for always supporting me. You know Me. I Am Mariah... It's only the beginning! The elusive Chanteuse dahhlings!

I can't wait to see you when I hit the road, starting very soon and I'm very excited about it! Love ya much, bye bye!"

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- September 08, 2014
Tour 2015
Mariah, please com next year to Germany, to Cologne! It's been so long ago!!! I love your music!!!!
andreas_jakobsson - August 11, 2014
Please please please! Would love for you to come to Sweden with your tour! <3
vally - August 09, 2014
MC this is sooooo festive and we can't wait to see you on tour. Love always Val
Chris_Daniel - July 28, 2014
Mariah! I can't wait till you hit the road... You've been an inspiration of mine forever, and I've still never seen you live! I will be sure NOT to miss you this time!
luvmariah - July 22, 2014
Luv you Mariah!
Love the new site!
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