Aug 29 2014

TIME Ranks Mariah as The Ultimate Pop Star


Mariah Carey Tops TIME's List Of Most Successful, Enduring Pop Stars

TIME went through every song that reached the top ten of the Billboard 100 back to 1960 to see which artists had both the biggest years and longest careers. TIME assigned points based on a song’s rank for each week it was in the top ten. Artists who collaborated on songs are both given credit for its success. Artists were chosen for this list based on all-time chart performance and contemporary significance.

Data comes from the Billboard archives. Points are awarded by placement in the Top Ten, from ten points for a number-one hit to one point for a number-10 song.


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kimmy - September 04, 2014
Way to go Mariah!!!
What an achievement!!! You will always be #1 in my eyes!! Can't wait for you to tour the US!! Looking forward to seeing you!!
cohen - August 30, 2014
Hey Mariah Carey, Well Done on this achievement!! Keep up the good work. Love from South Africa, Your #SALambily Kyle :)
Chanteur - August 29, 2014
Congratulations ... I don't know about the point systems but if it were to include , written and production credits there might be more of difference to be said about the points deserved as well as how much more distinguished an honor like this is for an artist like yourself! #Cheers
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