Nov 15 2014

Rave Reviews for "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" World Tour!

After setting records in China, Mariah's "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" world tour hit the Asian islands for four more shows, followed by six shows in Australia and Mariah's first-ever visit to New Zealand. Impressing fans and critics alike with her incredible vocals and performance skills, Mariah earned amazing reviews for her "Elusive Chanteuse Show"! Read some of them below.


Mariah Carey Gives Her All Despite Rain (Hype Malaysia)

Mariah Carey's "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" Tour Live in Malaysia 2014 brought many things — the R&B singer herself with her syrupy-sweet multiple-octave vocals, her amazing band, her dancers that don't skip a beat, about 12,000 adoring Mimi fans, and let's not forget the rain.

But did the rain dampen anyone's spirits? Most certainly not!

Fans poured into Stadium Merdeka on October 22nd from as early as 6pm, all eager to watch Mariah Carey perform. For some (like us), it was their first time seeing her live. For others, it was a decade-long wait for their idol to come back to Malaysia. We won't lie, even after arriving at the stadium that early in an effort to beat the jam and find a spot to park, we still had to wait out the rain.

But it was well worth it.

Because at 9:15pm, Mariah finally took the stage in the grandest manner of all and opened her "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" in Malaysia with crowd favourites such as "Fantasy," "Shake It Off," "Emotions," "My All," and a "Heartbreaker/Beautiful" mashup. Fans immediately warmed up to the diva despite sitting in the downpour, as she continued to win over the hearts of Malaysians as her concert hit an all-time high with performances of "Honey," "I'll Be There," "Hero," and "We Belong Together."

The best part of the concert was not only the entire setup and her songs, but also the fact that Mariah made it a point to interact with her fans — she was either constantly talking to the crowd, making up lyrics to interludes as she went along, or simply jamming with her crew.

And yes, everything that we've ever heard about Mariah being an unreasonable diva and all the rumours/bad reviews about her "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" were quickly dismissed. She made it to easy to fall head over heels in love with her again last night!

Would we want to relive last night all over again, rain and all? Yes, please.

Mariah Carey hits the high notes in Kuala Lumpur (The Star)

Mariah Carey proved that she remains a master of her trade during her Wednesday night concert at Stadium Merdeka.

It was clear the vocalist remains a master of her trade. Carey, who is known for her wide five-octave vocal range, took on one big note after another unflinchingly, perhaps fuelled by an enthusiasm to silence her critics.

The R&B diva launched into her whistle register (fluttering hands and all) without trouble towards the end of "Emotions," scaling higher and higher well into the limits of her upper range. And even with her full voice, Carey powered up beautifully, displaying strength and grit in her new stirring ballad, "Cry."

Still, she kept the night's most outstanding moment for "Fly Like A Bird," which featured both mind-blowing vocals and great emotional depth, all the while casually lounging on a grand piano clad in a long, flowing black dress.

For someone who has never seen her in concert, listening to Carey nail those notes live was an experience unlike any other. Just witnessing the songstress caress the verses to The Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" with her soft, whispery vocals alone was spine-tingling.

Credit must be given to Carey, who carried on with the show in good spirits, actively speaking and singing spontaneous messages of love to the audience, which lent an organic feel to the entire experience. By the end of it, we were just glad that we got to watch the "elusive chanteuse" perform live, and that her vocal abilities had not proven to be elusive.


Mariah Carey Hits All The Right Notes At Singapore Concert (Asia One)

Hitting all the right notes during her Elusive Chanteuse concert at Singapore's national stadium on Friday, Mariah Carey has redeemed herself.

One concert-goer told SPH Razor, "Mariah is truly diva. I love her." Another concert-goer interviewed by SPH Razor screamed, "I love her! Yea!," after her concert ended.

According to Hot FM91.3 DJ Cheryl Miles, "Mariah Carey is so awesome she killed it, totally nailed it."

Loyal fans of Mariah also added, "She has been our idol since (the) young days until now. This is our first time (seeing her). She did a very good job. It was beyond our expectations."

Mariah Carey: The Elusive Chanteuse Show | 4/5 (Today)

12,000 fans — who braved the heat and humidity — showed up last night for Mariah Carey's "The Elusive Chanteuse Show."

The two-hour concert started on time, opening with a salvo of chart toppers such as "Fantasy" and "Touch My Body." Cheers of delight roared through the stadium when Carey launched into crowd favourite "Emotions," taking an early opportunity to showcase her flawless high octaves.

It was clear that the best-selling female artiste still owned the stage.

Elated fans sang along and danced while waving light sticks and LED placards, professing their love and admiration for the music icon. Even tennis superstar Serena Williams, currently in Singapore for the BNP Paribas WTA Finals, was spotted in the crowd, singing along to Carey's emotionally charged hit, "Hero."

Mariah Carey Finds Her Voice In Singapore (The Straits Times)

Fans in Singapore were treated to a show — complete with the high notes and runs Mariah is known for. And for most part, she hit those delicious high octaves with ease, giving me goosebumps of the good kind.

The two-hour show (shockingly, it started at 9pm as stated) was a showcase of the songs that made her a superstar in the 1990s: "Heartbreaker," "Honey," "Emotions" and "Fantasy" — all from her early albums — were crowd favorites.

And to show up her critics, she constantly sang, even talking to the crowd in a sing-song voice to prove that she could still, well, sing.

In the end, those famed vocals hardly proved elusive, after all.

Mariah Carey Shines at Singapore Gig (Channel NewsAsia)

The 12,000-strong audience screamed and cheered while Carey belted out songs like "Cry" and "Honey." But they went absolutely crazy during her performance of "I'll Be There" by The Jackson 5 as well as her hit song, "Hero," which moved many of them to tears.

Mariah Carey Proves She's Still Got The Chops (MeRadio)


Mariah Carey Enraptures Fans In Taipei (Focus Taiwan)

American pop legend Mariah Carey delighted fans in Taipei at a concert in which the diva reeled out hits including "Fantasy" and "Emotions" to rapturous applause.

Electrified fans waved pink and blue glow sticks in the dark auditorium and held signs that read "Diva," "Mimi I Love You" and "TWN loves Mimi."

"Thank you. We're having a good time here tonight with you," Carey told the over 13,000 audience at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.


Mariah Arrives In Manila

Mariah Carey soars at 'Elusive Chanteuse' concert in Manila (The Philippine Star)

Mariah Will Always Be Their Baby (Inquirer)

Mariah Carey thrills PH Crowd At "'Elusive Chanteuse" Concert (Rappler)

Mariah Carey expresses love for Pinoy fans; showcases her trademark whistle during Manila concert


Mariah Arrives in Bangkok


Mariah Carey Opens Australian Tour Singin' In The Perth Rain (The Age)

A strong rendition of "Touch My Body" gave her audience a taste of her incredible vocal range.

Carey punctuated much of her set with a stream-of-consciousness commentary, which was at times hilarious, and often in a British accent. She seemed to enjoy making fun of herself, something well-received by the crowd, but delivered a few passive aggressive rants which hinted at her diva reputation.

During "Emotions," Carey flexed the whistle register — her signature sound. She quickly proved her five-octave range was in fine form.

The final song of the night was the hopelessly romantic "We Belong Together," delivered flawlessly and left the audience panting for more. By then, the clock had ticked over to 10pm.

Mariah Carey Opens Tour In Perth, Singing In The Rain (Perth Now)

It was obvious Carey's vocals were on point, despite previous reports — she sounded great and had no trouble belting out some big notes although she did abandon hitting her signature highs on a couple of occasions.

"Hero" was undoubtedly a highlight of the evening and the nostalgic crowd attempted to belt it out note for note with Carey as they swayed along on the grass.


Diva Mariah Carey Sparkles And Charms At The Adelaide Entertainment Centre (The Advertiser)

At Mariah's first Adelaide show, no one really knew what to expect. But from the moment the Diva hit the stage, belting out Fantasy, all doubts were swept under the red carpet.

Dressed in an glittery outfit to rival Brynne Edelsten and backed by seven dancers and an eight piece band, Mariah was, mostly, on fire! The voice that we all came to adore throughout the '90s was back. She even hit those famous, piercingly high "whistle notes" during her song, "Emotions."

But what shone the most was Mariah's hilarious sense of humour. She is clearly an artist who doesn't take herself too seriously and plays up to her "diva" reputation at every opportunity.

All the favourites were there — "Touch My Body" and "Honey" were highlights in the almost two-hour-long set. There was even a small taste of "All I Want For Christmas" with her support act Nathaniel Willemse, who proved himself as a star to watch.

Viva La Diva!


This Real Diva Knows How It's Done (Sydney Morning Herald)

It's not just that Mariah Carey's famed five-octave vocal range is still intact. (Though it is.) It's the sum total of all things gloriously and ineffably Mariah that made last night's Melbourne concert such a multi-sensory delight.

A high-fidelity replay of greatest hits does not a concert make. And this is where Carey really stepped up and delivered. The charmingly eccentric Mariah magic was on full display.

What better way to open than with classics such as "Fantasy" and "Emotions"? If you're Mariah, you enhance the experience with a full-length, hot pink, fishtail velvet gown — accessorised with a wind machine and synthetic smoke. You stroke your hair a lot. When a high note is on the horizon, you brace yourself by touching your ear and adopting a pained expression, provoking the crowd into losing its collective mind.

As you belt out "Cry," a pre-recorded, black-and-white melodrama unfolds on the giant screen behind you. It features you swirling around in circles with a handsome suitor, then collapsing into a comely faint, the back of your silk-gloved hand resting lightly on your forehead. At one point, a buff shirtless man wanders in front of the screen, does what appears to be Pilates stretch, then disappears. It is a perfectly magnificent spectacle.

As a surprise, you summon support act Nathaniel Willemse to duet on "One Sweet Day." Fans weep openly in the front row. It's another highlight.

"Honey," "Touch My Body," "Thirsty," "Supernatural," "Fly Like A Bird," and a medley of other hits are all performed wonderfully. Sometimes accompanied by ripped shirtless boys spinning on their heads — and why the hell not?

"Hero," which has everyone singing along, is backed by a photo montage that includes Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and aid workers plucking distressed children out of disaster zones.

Rival divas, take note: this is how it's done.

The Elusive Chanteuse Show @ Rod Laver Arena (Australian Musician Network)

She is the powerhouse vocalist who draws one of the most eclectic crowds to ever descend on Rod Laver Arena, coming together to see Mariah Carey in her "The Elusive Chanteuse Show" — there were the mega fans, excited gay boys, mothers with their daughters, couples on date nights and groups of girls on a girls' night out. The balmy Friday in Melbourne was the backdrop to Mariah celebrating the release of her fourteenth studio album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse. Her set list, however, covered the length and breadth of her stellar career to date.

Time and again, Mariah proved why she is one of the most successful female vocalists of all time, with songs like "Touch My Body" and "Emotions" performed flawlessly.

It was a really beautiful moment when Mariah invited Nathaniel onstage to sing a duet with her. It was a Melbourne exclusive and track she hadn't played in years, "One Sweet Day." Nathaniel's vocals sublimely melded with Mariah's and it was as much an unforgettable occasion for the crowd as it must have been for Nathaniel. The Melbourne exclusive led into the "fan favourites" section that included timeless classics such as "Heartbreaker," "Beautiful" and "It's Like That." It was as if Mariah had released these tracks just yesterday.

Mariah then went on to deliver a stellar rendition of "Hero" dressed in a royal blue ball gown; it also signified the beginning of the end… her finale. It was another reminder to the crowd of her incredible vocal prowess. Her finale continued with a memorable throwback featuring Always Be My Baby and We Belong Together. The elation on her face was infectious as she sang with devastating ease. It was met with a thunderous applause that went on for several minutes. It was fitting for the role of diva that Mariah Carey has personified for more than two decades.

Mariah Carey's The Elusive Chanteuse Show (Same Same)

The stand-out solo performance of the concert was a soulful, hair raising and at times haunting performance of "My All." Carey utilised both her whispery and belting chest voice. Carey seemed to draw from all three versions of the song which she'd written and produced over the years. A little-known fact is that, in addition to the Spanish guitar-centred original ballad, Carey had rewritten the melody for two other completely different versions of the song. A house mix she co-produced with David Morales before EDM was popular and an R'n'B mix she co-produced with "Always Be My Baby" and "We Belong Together" collaborator, Jermaine Dupri, interpolating UK 80's R'n'B hit "Stay Awhile, Child." Both remixes were popular on the dance and R'n'B charts.

Carey's nod to the remixes was a reminder to the audience and any reviewers with their critic pencils sharpened that her musical ear extended far and wide across multiple genres.

"One Sweet Day" was a tough song to sing and was always going to be harshly judged against the original studio version. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nathaniel Willemse surpassed all expectations with his on point performance which was faithful to the original. Carey didn't emulate the original, preferring to use her current favourite part of her voice which is the mid-range belt accompanied by softer falsettos. The end result was a raw and grittier performance from Carey. It was still hair raising and at times jaw-dropping.

I've never been a fan of the worldwide smash, "Hero," which I'd always thought to be sickly in its message of hope. However, hearing Carey perform it live, with images of real life "heroes" — including everyday heroes helping during crisis as well as Mahatma Gandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs and Oprah — flashing on the screen above, and the crowd's genuine connection to the song, was a moving experience.

If I was taken by that performance I was overcome by the encore, "We Belong Together."

Carey literally teeters over and on every dramatic note, keeping you on the edge of your seat and hooked to the message in each word and note. Perhaps the increased probability of her falling off or falling flat also contributed to the high drama, but nothing can take away from the conclusion that there are no words to fully describe the experience of listening to "the voice" live. Or perhaps two words, as the tweens say these days, "can't even."

Mariah Carey's Vocals Are Strong (Herald Sun)

As soon as she hits those trademark sky-high notes in Emotions, any fear about her losing that incredible voice are swept aside. And it is kind of fun being in the charmingly eccentric Carey's world for a night.


Mariah Carey review: A tale of two divas (Sydney Morning Herald)

Carey was: formidable, professional, a diva to be reckoned with.

Kicking off with her 1995 song, "Fantasy," wearing the first of three elegant fishtail gowns, Carey was in full control of her adoring crowd (crowd sign of the night: "I named my daughter after you, can I please get a hug?"). She covered off the vocal obstacle course that is "Emotions" early in proceedings, hitting the high whistle notes with an effortlessness that reassured any doubters who might have thought the instrument was in less than top condition. Later, on "Cry" and "Fly Like A Bird," she showed that she was as much an interpreter as a vocal technician, flinging her arms wildly as she dug into the dark core of both songs to produce searing, explosive renditions.

Mariah Carey In Sydney (Smooth FM)

When the songstress leapt into opener "Fantasy," the full room was sent into rapturous applause.

Unlike other ritzy performers, Carey has effortlessly combined her voice, stage presence and charm to create an image that glows and attracts such a vast range of fans present at her swanky "Elusive Chanteuse" Sydney show. In "Touch My Body" and "Emotions" Carey shone. She reached and grasped those inevitable sky-scraping notes settling pending questions regarding the quality of the singer's voice. The audience expressed their satisfaction in cries of glee that raised the roof.

And then came "Hero," the most anticipated, most popular, and definite highlight of the Elusive Chanteuse evening. "Hero" was performed against a background montage of unforgettable faces such as Gandhi, Mandela and Princess Diana amongst everyday heroes of the world. In speechless fixation on the star the crowd's emotions soared with Carey's voice.

The stage was finally drowned in golden light, and smoke shot up into the air with a bold finality, hinting to the audience that "We Belong Together" was the closing time song. Carey's Sydney performance was so rich and entertaining that each fan departed satisfied, and walked away bearing smiles as grand as the diva's herself and thoughts about when she would return to Sydney again.

Plenty of Whistles For The Diva (The Guardian)

Mariah doesn't need to dance. She doesn't need zany costumes or elaborate stage props like Miley, Katy or Taylor. Mariah just is. You may have scoffed at the cheesiness of the diva, but her influence has become so grand she has become a category unto herself.

And so it was at the Sydney stop of her global tour, the "Elusive Chanteuse Show," that legions of fans came to witness the Mariah. No bells, just the famous whistle.

After an almost 30-minute fashionably late delay, a video of Ol' Dirty Bastard popped up on the enormous screen behind her band. The beat dropped, the crowd erupted, a sea of phones lit up the arena and it was a sweet, sweet Fantasy baby.

And then the audience witnessed for what reason her physical energy had to be reserved: her third song, "Emotions," Carey hit that legendary whistle register perfectly — a clean lift that would be the envy of any Olympic weightlifter.

Has The Diva Still Got It? (


Mariah Carey Wows New Zealand Fans (

Classic Mariah is effortlessly gorgeous and carefree, stomping across the stage, hands in the air, smiling wide.

She's the one that joins the rap verses, spends too long talking about marmite and airs her everyday parenting life out on stage.

Her mere presence brought an entirely seated crowd to its feet, kicking off with 'Fantasy' and leading into 'Emotions', where that infamous whistle tone rang out and the screams in response were deafening.

Every time, hands shot into the air as if she'd just preached the good word.

Mariah soon returned with an epic medley of old school hip-hop tracks and remixes, transitioning between classic 'Heartbreaker' and the Missy Elliot remix version before blowing through hits like 'I Know What You Want', 'It's Like That', 'Crybaby' and even Mobb Deep sampler, 'The Roof' and the So So Def 'Honey' remix.

Mariah's twins, Monroe and Moroccan, came out to say hello, before their Mum finished the set with 'Always Be My Baby' and 'We Belong Together,' at which point more than a few audience members were in nostalgic fits of tears.

The star was charismatic, she still has surprises up her sleeves and she essentially, took us on a journey from new, to old, to greatest hits, playing off an electric Auckland crowd, who were literally crying with the joy of finally seeing Mariah in the flesh.


Grammy winner Mariah Carey wows crowds and silences critics at Sirromet Winery concert (Daily Telegraph)

The Grammy winner and former American Idol judge used her greatest weapon — "that" voice — to silence her critics last night when she thrilled 6000 fans at an outdoor A Day On The Green concert at the Terry Morris-owned Sirromet Winery, just north of the Gold Coast at Mt Cotton.

Anyone who didn't go last night based on her last Gold Coast show: sorry but you missed out, this was Carey to the power of 10.

A true star in the finest old-Hollywood tradition (think Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo), Carey hasn't just got it — she flaunts it.

Last night's show was a reminder why Carey, armed with one of the best sets of tonsils in pop music, has won and kept so many fans — and why she remains the highest-selling female artist of all time.

Carey mined her catalogue of hits (she has 18 US No. 1 singles alone) and new material from her latest album, Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse for a set list that showed off her five-octave range and surely put to rest recent suggestions she's lost her magic touch.

The show was loaded with enough signature songs to please most punters. Carey also treated the crowd to a rendition of "Make It Happen."

"We didn't rehearse this but it's not like I haven't done it a million times before so this is just for you guys tonight," she said before launching into the song for the first time on her talent world tour.

And yes, Carey's G#7 dolphin squeak is intact, the chanteuse hitting her high note on "Emotions" early in the show.

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