Mar 26 2015

Mariah Sings Her Hits in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden



New Late Late Show host James Corden had some company on his drive to work on Wednesday. And who better to join him in some carpool karaoke than Mariah Carey?

Corden put the radio on and as the opening bars of "Always Be My Baby" began to play, Carey announced, "I'm not singing today. I was up all night."

But she chimed right in as Corden – who seriously challenges Jimmy Fallon when it comes to enthusiastic displays of excitement – got his groove on.

And he knew all the words. To every song. From "Fantasy" to "Vision of Love" to "Thirsty."

(The Hollywood Reporter)
The two nailed every run in her biggest hits, including "Always Be My Baby," "Vision of Love" and "Fantasy (Bad Boy Remix)," despite her pleas: "I'm not singing today — I was up all night!"

(Entertainment Weekly)
Carey and Corden performed a round of carpool karaoke on Wednesday night’s Late Late Show, belting out a few of the performer’s most famous hits to show that celebrities are just like us. They just sound much better when they’re singing along to their car radios.

And for Big Hero 6 fans, Carey ups her nerd cred with a shoutout to that film’s lovable healthcare companion, Baymax.

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In what is basically every commuter's dream come true, the singer accompanies Corden on his drive to work while the two sing along to some of her best songs on the radio. Get us into that backseat, please.

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This video is better than words could ever describe! Watch the whole thing above and check out Corden's pure glee as he riffs with Carey in a word-perfect karaoke gold moment!

After convincing Tom Hanks to recreate his most famous movies in an seven-minute video, new Late Late Show host James Corden set about getting Mariah Carey to do a little car karaoke with him and the results are equally memorable.

Believe the hype! The video of Mariah Carey performing carpool karaoke alongside James Corden is quite possibly the best way to kick off a Thursday.

In between tracks, she also showed off both her English and Southern accents.

(In Style)
What could be better than jamming out to some Mariah Carey during your commute to the office in the morning? Having Mariah Carey actually in the car with you singing along with her biggest hits. The Late Late Show host James Corden discovered that during his carpool karaoke segment in which he and the iconic artist hit the high notes, danced, and yes, even flirted a little bit too.

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Clearly in a playful mood, Carey joined in, speaking in British and New York accents. Carey even asked Corden if he had more artists in his player. Corden turned on Carey’s “Fantasy,” screaming along with the rap lyric performed by the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, belting it out louder than Carey.

The new pop duo got more serious when singing Carey’s debut ballad, “Vision of Love.” Though Corden knows his Mariah Carey catalog, he flubbed one of the lyrics, and Carey was quick to correct him, “It’s, ‘Prayed through the night,’” she said, teasing him.

The sing-along got so good that Carey played DJ and cued up one of her most recent singles, “Thirsty,” a hip-hop track that prompted Corden to sing the song while doing Rastafarian chants and dances.

This five-minute clip ended too soon. We could have watched this go on for an hour.

James Corden has only been the host of the “Late Late Show” for three days, and he’s already giving Jimmy Fallon a run for his money when it comes to delivering charming celebrity stunts in viral-sized portions. Today’s offering: carpool karaoke, featuring Corden and Mariah Carey belting out some of the diva’s classic hits while navigating LA traffic. Don’t you wish your carpools were this fun?

If you need a buddy on the long car commute to work, you could do a lot worse than to have Mariah Carey riding shotgun. And as James Corden revealed on Wednesday's "Late Late Show," not only is Carey great for keeping things interesting on the road, she's a one-woman jukebox!

James Corden is officially living the dream, because on Wednesday, he got Mariah Carey to do karaoke with him while they drove around Los Angeles on The Late Late Show. But they didn't just sing whatever happened to be on the radio, because that would be boring. Instead, James claimed he didn't know how to work the stereo in his new car and "accidentally" made Mariah sing along to her own hits, including "Always Be My Baby," "Vision of Love," and the ODB remix of "Fantasy." As fun as this looks, though, I'm a little concerned about how many times James takes his hands off the wheel. You are ferrying a goddess, sir. Handle her with care.

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