Apr 27 2015

Amazing Reviews for Infinity!

Classic Mariah Carey is back in her new anthem about heartbreak and heartache, titled "Infinity."
"Infinity" plays as an upbeat breakup ballad, where she squashes the gentleman in question for "actin' so corny like Fritos."

Mariah Carey Just Released A Goosebump-Worthy Breakup Hit. Mariah Carey’s new song, “Infinity,” is a swelling orchestral R&B jam that manages to work in a Fritos reference.

If that doesn’t make you interested, listen to the lyrics, which are undoubtedly about getting over a breakup. The chorus will break your heart as she professes that everything has an end — even infinity.

Carey premiered her new song "Infinity" and its lyric video on April 26. The throwback-flavored track is a soaring break-up track, complete with sassy lines that shut down the guy she's singing about.
Perhaps it's just Carey returning to form as the queen of post-heartbreak empowerment.

E! Online
Is old school Mariah Carey back?!

By the sound of her new single, "Infinity," it seems so! The new track, which will be released on her upcoming greatest-hits album, Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity, has all of the corny lyrics and Carey vocals that we all have come to know and love.

Feeling down about your ex? Mariah Carey is here for you. She just released a brand-new single, "Infinity," and it's the perfect complement to your Nutella binge. The track is full of attitude with a little sadness too.

Enter "Infinity," the (only) new track off her compilation album, #1 to Infinity, which has all 18 of her No. 1 singles, plus this single. It's a throwback in the best way: empowering lyrics, soaring vocals, and a chorus with multisyllabic words (and French!) that you can mangle at karaoke. 

Vanity Fair
The song, “Infinity,” dropped on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube tonight and between the corny (like Fritos) lyrics and the breathy Carey vocal runs, we’re right back in the plaid shirt-wearing, tire swing-frolicking days of yore. The new song marks a reunion between Carey and Epic CEO Antonio “L.A.” Reid who helped put together best-selling album The Emancipation of Mimi.

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