Jan 08 2018

Mariah's Best Moments at the Golden Globes

Here, a list of her best Golden Globes moments, which ought to serve as a potent reminder to the Academy that they need to nominate her for an Oscar immediately so she can add her sparkle to that show too.

1. Stealing Meryl Streep's seat. If you're prone to social anxiety, nothing about the Golden Globes will bother you as much as watching celebrities pick their way through the packed room whenever they have to move between tables. How do you find your seat again? What if you sit in the wrong one? What if someone — *shudder* — calls you out on it? Mariah found out the answers to all of these questions when she accidentally stole Meryl Streep's seat on her way back from the bathroom. She immediately begged forgiveness, but Meryl, apparently a member of the Lambily, replied, "You can take my seat any time!"



2. Correcting Al Roker. Mariah was nominated for Best Original Song this year for "The Star," which she cowrote with Marc Shaiman. On the red carpet, Al Roker attempted to ask her a question about how it felt to be nominated again, but Mariah pointed out that this is actually the first time she's gotten a Golden Globe nod for her writing. (Her song "When You Believe, nominated in 1999, was written by Babyface and Stephen Schwartz.) "Many times men forget that women also write songs, so tonight we’re here in celebration of that as well," she said. Nice try, Al.



3. Threatening to steal Sharon Stone's diamonds. To be clear, Sharon was OK with it — she said they could trade.


4. Telling Ryan Seacrest she doesn't want to relive the past. Ryan Seacrest had a hard time with pretty much every interview he did during E!'s pre-show — it was clear he had no idea how to address #MeToo and the Time's Up movement — but he also stumbled in moments that should have been easier. When he dared ask Mariah how she thought her New Year's Eve performance went, she said this: "Can we not get into past moments?"

5. Avoiding a dress crisis with the help of Natalie Portman. This happened shortly after America Ferrera pulled Mariah into a photo with Natalie, Emma Stone, and Billie Jean King, proving that even celebrities get starstruck by the Elusive Chanteuse.


6. Posing at the HBO after party. Unfortunately for all of us, she does not appear to have succeeded at stealing Sharon's diamonds.


7. And the InStyle after party. I love how Bryan looks thrilled to be there but also like he knows he's supposed to stay behind her at all times.





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