Jan 01 2018

Mariah's Spectacular Night


- Over a million people gathered in Times Square in the 9-degree weather, with a wind chill factor of 4 degrees below zero, to watch the 2018 ball drop and confetti rain down on the street. The frigid temperature made it the second- coldest New Year's Eve ball drop on record in New York. The coldest ball drop in New York City still holds at 1- degree Fahrenheit in 1917.

- For the 11:30pm show, as Mariah delivered stellar performances of “Vision of Love” and “Hero”, the broadcast received 25.6 million viewers — the most in 27 years!!! With 8.2 rating in the key demo, making it bigger than the Grammys!

- 6 versions of 'Auld Lang Syne' climbed up to the top 10 of iTunes' holiday chart on New Year's Eve. Mariah's version was #1 on both the songs and the videos charts.



“Mariah Carey Made Her Glorious  Return to New Year’s Eve and We  Were All Touched By an Angel”  - Cosmopolitan 

“In a made-for-television act of pop culture redemption, Mariah  Carey’s performance made it to the finish line.”  - The New York Times 

“She’s Back! Mariah Carey Returns to NYRE Stage with a  Flawless Performance.”      

“Mariah Carey made a triumphant return to NY’s Times Square to ring in the New Year” 
Good Morning America 

“Mariah Carey dominated the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve stage! Way to go Mimi!"  -  Access 

“Mariah Carey Redeemed Herself on New Year's Rockin' Eve"  - Harper’s Bazaar 

“Mariah Carey made a triumphant (and sparkly) return.” Billboard 

“Mariah Carey Asks for Tea During Her Triumphant Return, and Twitter Can’t Get Enough.” - US Weekly 

“Mariah Carey makes it through  New Year's Eve set unscathed (and gets her tea)” 
USA Today 

“Mariah Carey Slays on NYE, Warms Up with Some Hot Tea” - EXTRA 

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